teamwe has founded in 2017 by Eunice Kwon 

Started Fintech Marketing services and business was expanded to Blockchain Consulting services in 2018, 2019

Based on professional market experiences, teamwe does Accelerating and Company Building for Fintech/Blockchain/Sharing Economy startups 

teamw.e  has carried out fintech marketing 

project successfully since 2015. 

Currently teamw.e  is making another 

success in the blockchain industry.

Our rich experience in fintech and blokchain

 makes persuasive whitepaper,  

practical token economics, 

and sustainable blockchian ecosystem.

teamw.e provides sharply customized

 marketing strategy and execution tactics in 

consideration of project goals, 

as we know thatthe blockchain market changes rapidly.


There are two ways to add value: 

by doing what other people can't do or what other people won't do.

teamwe is looking for talented people 

teamwe dreams growing of new teams for Fintech, Blockchain, Sharing Economy, A.I

If you are interested one of them, don't hesitate to contact us

We help various fin-tech and 

blockchain based startup to grow.

Eunice Kwon

Founder & CEO

DAYLI Marketing of financial Group CMO

Toss, Viva Republica CMO

Omnicom Media Group Digital Director 

Google Korea

Jonas Choi

Head of Consulting

BA at University of Pennsylvania Economic

MBA at HEC School of management

Infosys Limited

James Park

PR Director

PR Specialist Com2us 




"There are two ways to add value: by doing what other people can't do or what other people won't do."

We're looking for a teamwe member  

to help us take care of our team. 

Someone who's happy to go above and 

beyond to add value by improving 

our internal processes, 

and making sure we're growing the right way.